80% of fraud is preventable with relatively simple safety measures that can employed to protect us from the scammers’

The presenter gave us a box of copies of the ‘Little Book of Big Scams’.
Some copies were put in the Red Lion, FBI, and Hall last night,

We have more and they are happy to send us more copies if there’s a demand.
Please do pass the message / copies on!

Also available here: The ROCU’s ‘Little Book of Big Scams’  The Little Book of Big Scams – 5th Edition

The presentation seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of economic crime, highlight typical case studies of previous offences, and offer advice and tips to help keep the audience members safe, as well as signposting people to resources that will help keep them safe in the future.

The session will take 35 -45 minutes with additional time for questions and answers.