The Dittisham Charity

The Parish of Dittisham Charity was set up in 2018 to help provide or maintain public amenities or facilities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Dittisham.
Projects must benefit the community as a whole and initially projects which support the health of the community, improve the environment, and benefit the greatest number of members will be prioritised.

Dittisham Apple Day – Sunday 24 October

Do you have apples in your garden or orchard?

Do you like drinking apple juice?

Then please come along to Dittisham Court, off Riverside Road, on Sunday 24th October for the very first Dittisham Apple Pressing day.

The pressing should start around 10.30am and carry on until 2.30pm or all the apples have been pressed.  Volunteers welcome.

Bring your apples (not spoilt but they don’t have to be perfect and there will be water to wash them) and clean containers for your juice (resealable glass bottles, plastic milk bottles etc).  There will probably be apples in the orchard at Dittisham Court which will need collecting as well if you don’t have any.

This is a free community event and volunteers and participants are asked to register their interest by emailing .

There will be an electric mill to pulp the fruit, and a metal press to squeeze the pulp. There will also be an electric pasteuriser with all the supplementary equipment to go with it so your juice can be preserved for cider-making.


This event is sponsored by the Parish of Dittisham Charity, which was set up to fund projects of environmental and community value in the parish, but no liability is accepted by the Charity.

The Charity is also funding the Ditsum Online Quiz – which has been running throughout lockdown.
Anyone who wishes to discuss making a donation or discuss future possible projects is invited to contact the trustees. Full discretion and privacy is assured.

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