Carbon footprinting
Part 1 of the Carbon Savers course is all about working out your carbon footprint. This shows us what our yearly carbon emissions are, and highlights where they come from. This is very useful because it allows us to show which changes are most significant, as well as which changes might be easiest to make. It also allows us to benchmark progress.  
You can access the Carbon Savvy calculator here:
There are various versions depending on how much time you have, and how much detail you would like to go into.
There is a 1 min Taster, a 5 min popular, or the 45 min Full calculator to choose from.   
Many homes in Dittisham Parish will tend to be heated by oil, and we are reliant on car transport so, no doubt, you will find that these are some key areas which result in higher emissions for us here.   
No need to tell anyone!
Your carbon footprint is personal information, just like your bank balance.  Just as we talk about ways to save money without sharing our bank balance, we can talk about great ways to save carbon without disclosing our footprints.  This avoids anyone feeling guilty, and helps people feel comfortable talking about footprints.  Remember, someone with a big footprint who is reducing it by 8% per year is doing more to help reach net zero than someone with a small footprint reducing it by 8% per year!
Typical personal carbon emissions