The Ham

Encircled by the village above the Ham is a big green space by the river, surrounded by trees, and with a fantastic view of the Dart. Residents and visitors alike enjoy to walk (with and without dogs), to sit on the benches and take in the view, to have a picnic, to let the kids play in the playground. There is a car park owned and run by the Parish Council with all profits going back in to help pay for community projects such as maintaining and improving the Ham. There is also a toilet block.

You can access the river through the far end of the car park, which is also where the sailing club building is be be found.

At the other corner of the Ham a path gives pedestrian access to the Level if you take the right hand fork, or to Manor street (and the Ferry Boat Inn and Anchorstone cafe) if you go left. At low tide you can walk along the side of the river to get to the Ferry Boat Inn and Anchorstone cafe, or of course just to enjoy a walk.

Hiring The Ham

The Parish Council accepts bookings for overnight stays in the car park / camping and for events subject to the Policy.

2020 Ham Hire Agreement Final

2020 05 Use of The Ham Review Recommendations and Policy Final

Ham Event Risk Assessment Guidance Note V3

The Ham Playground Project

Playgrounds don’t last forever and some of the equipment had reached the end of its life so was taken down before becoming unsafe.

The Playground working group took on the project and as a starting point carried out a consultation to find out how our local community use the Ham and what they would like to see in terms of play equipment. We had a great response and the results let us clearly see they types of activity which we had to cater for, and there was a surprise or two too, which really justifies carrying out the consultation. As well as the need for play equipment, which was expected, there was also a demand for some picnic tables, a BBQ area and a path around the Ham. To make sense of it and to split the project into manageable chunks we divided it up into phases.

Consultation Report on the usage of the Ham Area – Click here to download the report (PDF)
Ham Playground Consultation responsesClick here to download (PDF)

For Phase 1 we chose to replace the main piece of play equipment. We identified the minimum specification for what was needed and put it out to a competitive tender process. The chosen provider was Wicksteed who make a piece of equipment called the “Pinta Galleon”. The galleon allows for sliding, climbing and will of course fire up imaginative play, all activities which our consultation highlighted.

Picnic tables, a BBQ area and a new swing are part of Phase 2.

Two picnic tables have been purchased and a birds nest swing has been installed..

Although technically fires are not permitted we all know that many people enjoy to picnic and BBQ on the Ham. This has meant some burnt patches of grass and the occasional stone robbed off a wall. We felt that a pragmatic approach would be to provide a safe and pleasant place for what was already happening. This will likely take the form of a big stone slab in the ground near a couple of picnic tables. An advantage of picnic tables is that they should hopefully provide a place for the elderly to picnic more easily: sitting on the ground it not always the best option.

Phase 3 will be the path around the Ham which is rather more ambitious. The path would provide easy access to the benches by the river for those who do not find walking easy, or those who use a wheelchair. It will also provide a circular route around the Ham which we hope will encourage walking (and jogging perhaps) and be a good place for children to learn to ride bikes. Its also an opportunity to put some drainage in place as the Ham can get a bit boggy at times, especially on the side near the car park.