Sustainable Dittisham

The Sustainable Dittisham group works to improve our environment and reduce our impact on climate change. Everyone from the parish is welcome to join, all ages, whether you live here, work here or have a connection to the area. Sustainable Dittisham is an independent group which will make its own decisions and create its own projects, but seeks to collaborate closely with the parish council, and other stakeholders in the area.

The group is split into specialist subgroups on the topics of: Habitat, Transport, Food & Agriculture, Buildings Heat & Power, Waste & Recyling, Art and Celebration. Projects will range from improvements which we can all make in a matter of days or weeks, to ambitious projects that seek to use more locally produced food, energy and heat as well as improving biodiversity and creating habitats. Many of these things can improve our quality of life and encourage our local economy at the same time.

There are monthly meetings and then the subgroups meet as and when they want in the meantime.

Please see Sustainable Dittisham’s website for more information.


















If you would like to join or find out more then please email: "> or come along to a meeting.