MN_2021 January DPC Approved Minutes

Approved Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Dittisham Parish Council held on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 7:00p.m. using public videoconferencing

  • Present: Cllrs Tucker (Chair), Anderson (Vice-Chair), Bond, Faulkner, Green, Lloyd, Neale, and Quinn were present, as were South Hams District Councillor McKay, Devon County Councillor Hawkins, and A Thom (Clerk). There was one member of the public.

01/21     Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Nightingale.

02/21     Declaration of Interests

None declared.

03/21     COVID-19 Response

The project to ensure that residents and visitors have access to support and information was reviewed. Two new families have moved into the Parish. Some residents have been vaccinated. It seemed to be a shared view that DPC could improve signposting and communications. It is then the responsibility of Devon County Council and South Hams District Council to do their roles.

The member of the public was asked their view and they said they were intending to raise that communications are important in the pandemic. They had two suggestions: Promote that the Parish Information Email Group is available, and anyone can ask the Clerk to be added it, including non-resident homeowners. Secondly, WhatsApp groups work in some villages – to communicate quickly on relatively mundane matters.

The Clerk was asked to set up a discussion meeting for Cllrs to review the response.

04/21     Approval of Minutes

It was resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 2 December 2020.with the addition requested by Cllr Quinn that Cllr Quinn asked for DPC to review how it can be beneficial added to 226/20 COVID-19 Response.

05/21     Public Issues

05/21.1          Parish of Dittisham Charity

Johnny Moulsdale, one of the Trustees, said that there are funds available for parish projects – that the Parish Council wouldn’t do, but would benefit the Parish. Residents should contact a Trustee if they wish to discuss the process. The other Trustees are Cllrs Anderson and Nightingale. There is more information on the Charity page on the Parish website. The Charity can’t make grants to individuals.

06/21     Community Reports

06/21.1          Devon County Council Councillor

South Hams District Cllr McKay joined the meeting during this item.

Devon County Councillor Jonathan Hawkins said that the Dartmouth Community Chest can still provide free meals to Dittisham residents. The Dartmouth Foodbank is open to help. Cllr Hawkins thanked Dittisham residents for the very generous and much appreciated donations to the Foodbank. Business Grants of four to nine thousand pounds will be available from central Government, depending on the rateable value of the premises. Please email Cllr McKay and Cllr Hawkins who will do all they can to help. The first sods of grass have been removed in the construction of the Dartmouth Health and Well Being Centre. The Recycling Centres remain open. DCC is looking at changing its policies regarding 20 mph zones. A trial in Newton Abbott will finish in the summer of 2021. Hopefully new 20 mph zones will be able be applied for, as will interactive speed and pedestrians signs which have been very difficult to get. The Parish Council would need to pay the cost of three to five thousand pounds for the signs.

06/21.2          South Hams District Council Councillor

South Hams District Councillor McKay reported that he is still getting emails about waste collection, and to please let Cllr McKay know if there are Dittisham issues. There will be information next week about more business support during lockdown. Cllr McKay will circulate details when they are known. Cllr McKay is hearing concerns from people about businesses. SHDC has three COVID Compliance Officers who will go and help businesses improve their compliance. There is a full Council meeting on 17 January to agree a climate change action plan. Cllr McKay’s proposal are being considered.

07/21     SHDC Planning Decisions to note

  • 3188/20/TCA Dittisham Court Dittisham TQ6 0HS. T10: Cedar – Fell due to honey fungus. T15: Eucalyptus – Crown reduction by 3-4m due to signs of decay at base. T19: Weeping Willow -Repollard to original cuts due to decay within tree. T28: Maple – Fell to improve airflow and light to waste treatment plant. No objections raised.
  • 3213/20/PDM Barn at SX 838 532 Capton Dittisham TQ6 0JE. Application to determine if prior approval is required for proposed change of use of agricultural building to 1no. dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)). Prior Approval Required and Given.
  • 3075/20/PDM Barns at Capton Dittisham Dartmouth TQ6 0JE. Application to determine if prior approval is required for proposed change of use of agricultural building to 4no. dwellinghouses and associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)).
  • 2916/20/HHO & 2917/20/LBC Chipton Barton Dittisham TQ6 0HW. Retrospective householder application and Listed Building consent for landscaping works. Conditional Approval.
  • 3079/20/FUL River Farm Rectory Lane Dittisham TQ6 0HE. Extension to existing boathouse(in cluding extension to existing first floor studio). Conditional Approval.
  • 2123/20/LBC & 2134/20/FUL The Linhay Barn, Chipton Barton Dittisham TQ6 0HW. Listed building consent for refurbishment works & Refurbishment and change of use from holiday let to full residential.

08/21     New planning/tree applications.

  • 3749/20/HHO & 3750/20/LBC Dunedin House The Quay Dittisham TQ6 0EZ. Householder application & Listed building consent for roof over courtyard and lantern light with internal alterations to rear first and second floors.

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Lloyd, unanimous).

  • 3927/20/LBC Lapwing Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. Listed building consent for replacement of 3no casement windows on South elevation (retrospective).

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Neale, unanimous).

  • 4126/20/ARC Capton Mill Cottage Capton Devon TQ6 0JE. Application for approval of details in part reserved by conditions 4 & 5 of planning application 1669/20/HHO.

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Lloyd, unanimous).

  • 4003/20/ARC 2 Watermans Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. Application for approval of details reserved by condition 7 of planning consent 1048/19/HHO.

The supporting documents have not been posted on the planning website. The Clerk will advise SHDC and request an extension to comment.

  • 4101/20/VAR Sunbeams Riverside Road Dittisham Devon TQ6 0HS. Application for variation of conditions 2 and 3 of planning consent 3745/19/HHO regarding drawings and a privacy screen.

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Neale, unanimous).

  • 4/2/21 4088/20/FUL & 4089/20/LBC The Linhay Barn Chipton Barton Dittisham TQ6 0HW. Refurbishment works, internal alterations and associated landscaping & continued use as ancillary accommodation/holiday use (resubmission of 2134/20/FUL & 2123/20/LBC).

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Bond, Cllr Faulkner abstained).

  • 4/2/21 4180/20/PDM Dittisham Landfill Dittisham TQ6 0HP. Prior approval for change of use of Agricultural building to Dwellinghouse (Class C3) an associated building operations.

It was resolved that the Clerk, in consultation with Cllr Anderson, would look into the application of the Class Q Criteria to this planning application and comment to SHDC.

SHDC’s decision will be based on relevant evidence provided to it.

o   3793/20/TCA 20 Dittisham Court Dittisham TQ6 0HS T6: Horse Chestnut – Lateral reduction by 1m on all sides to allow clearance from property wall and ensure balance and shape of tree is maintained

Cllr Faulkner described the proposal and said that he would agree that should be done. Cllr Green seconded this and the view was supported. Therefore no further action taken by DPC to formally respond to the application (which was not received in time to formally add it to the Agenda for the meeting).

09/21     Consultations

  • Draft Housing Strategy 2021-2026 “Better Homes, Better Lives.”, SHDC, Closes 1/2/21.

Cllr Anderson said that he has looked at the Strategy and would support it. He thinks it has some good suggestions such as affordable housing. The meeting agreed that the Clerk would respond in consultation with Cllr Anderson.

  • Interim Devon Carbon Plan, Devon Climate Emergency (DCE) partnership, Closes15/2/21.

Cllr Neale will see if it is feasible for Sustainable Dittisham to provide an executive summary for the February meeting of DPC.

10/21     Reports from Councillors with Specific Responsibilities / External Forums

10/21.1          Report on Meeting with Anthony Mangnall MP

Cllrs Anderson & Lloyd reported that the 45 minute meeting appeared to go very well. Anthony Mangnall MP is happy to meet again. He is presenting in Parliament in early February and would like to meet again before then. The climate emergency was discussed. He is actively looking for good, bold, experimental case studies which need funding. Cllr Neale might attend next time. DPC Cllrs will be asked for comments / questions a week ahead of the next meeting.

10/21.2          Old Chapel Burial Ground

The Maintenance Working Group has considered management of public access to the Burial Ground. It has been strimmed by SHDC, the strimmings and some rubbish removed by Cllrs Bond and Neale, and a habitat pile made by the Cllrs. The surface is difficult to walk on. Cllrs suggested a path be strimmed where it is safest to walk. It was also proposed to install a sign warning visitors of the remaining hazard of the uneven surface. The Clerk will reply to the owner of the Old Chapel that they are responsible for liability related to crossing their property. Cllr Faulkner raised concerns that it is a steep hill and visitors have to walk over graves. Access is permitted for purposes connected to the disused burial ground.

10/21.3          Willow Dome Project

Councillors considered the proposal to install a 3 metre diameter willow dome on the former log walk site on The Ham (£406).

It was resolved not to install the proposed dome.

10/21.4          Dog Fouling Task and Finish Group

The Group’s circulated update was noted.

10/21.5          Level Car Park Drains.

Cllr Bond reported that the drain on the bottom left hand side of the access to the car park is blocked. Cllr Faulkner said that the drain may be a soakaway, as at least one of the LCP drains is. Water has been flowing out of the ground in the garden of neighbouring Pump Cottage. It isn’t known where that water is coming from. It was suggested that this might be groundwater.

The Clerk will try to source maps of the drains and pipes in the Level Car Park. Cllr Bond proposed adding dye to the drains, as a simple low cost initial assessment. DPC agreed to follow a process of elimination. It was resolved to approve purchase and use of drain dye, Cllr Faulkner abstained.

10/21.6          Playground Signs Specifications

It was resolved that the two signs will be A2 in size and installed on metals posts. The content is to be agreed by the February meeting of DPC.

10/21.7          Footpaths

It was resolved to approve that the repair works identified in the Report be paid from DCC P3 reserve held by DPC, as recommended in the Report by DCC and the DPC Footpaths Councillors Bond and Neale. The Footpaths Councillors proposed that DPC bid for three projects (works to Capton Mill Cottage bridge, erosion at the bottom of farm track to Bozomzeal near junction with Rectory Lane, and erosion of the footpath from The Ham towards Brook House). The bids will be reviewed and agreed in the February meeting.

10/021.8        Memorial Tree and Plaque on The Ham

The planting of a Rowan on the border between The Ham Car Park and The Ham is proposed. This was agreed. Cllr Faulkner will discuss with Cllr Neale before purchasing regarding ensuring a true Rowan.

11/21     Tree Survey

It was resolved to accept the Clerk’s recommendation, which was supported by both Tree Wardens (Cllrs Green and Faulkner) with the proviso that Cllr Faulkner would want a better diagram.

12/21     Village Hall Accounts, Premises Report and Maintenance Schedule, and Grant Request

Addressed below.

13/21     Financial Matters

13/21.1          Financial Report.

It was unanimously resolved to adopt the Report which showed a balance of £61,867.78 and unearmarked reserves of £12,386.96.

13/21.2          Payments

It was resolved to approve the following payments:

  • DALC, Being a Good Councillor 3&4, £36.00
  • DALC, Being a Good Councillor 1, £18.00
  • R Bastin, Ham Noticeboard Installation, £58.00
  • Metric, Two ticket rolls, £116.09
  • Tucker Fencing Ltd, Ham Triangle – Ham Lane barrier posts, £463.20

The following payment made since the December meeting was noted:

  • Cllr Bond, High Vis Jacket £27.95

No objections were raised to the Clerk’s recommendation to the Chair that the Parish Lengthsman’s invoices for standard and grant work be paid (£200 and £250 respectively).

13/21.3          Clerk Expenses Reimbursement CE37

It was resolved to approve the reimbursement of £130.71.

13/21.4          Clerk’s Overtime Claim

It was resolved to approve the Clerk’s claim for ten hours overtime.

13/21.5          St George’s Church and Village Hall Grant Requests

The Clerk reminded Cllrs of the NALC advice that there is a specific prohibition in the Local Government Act 1894 for works on property relating to the affairs of the Church and that a council considering making a payment to the Church, including for churchyard maintenance, needs to consider whether it is prudent to take a course of action that it cannot be certain is legally valid. The Clerk also noted that Finance Working Group Cllrs have recommended a grant because the Church is an asset to the community, is a tourist attraction, and the Church provides a burial service for the Dittisham community.

It was resolved to approve a grant of £1,000 to St Georges Church to support grounds maintenance (resolution proposed Cllr Faulkner, seconded Cllr Quinn, unanimous).

Taking into account that the Village Hall has received a £10,000 COVID-19 government grant and the difficulty in achieving a balanced budget, the Finance Working Group recommended deferral of a decision regarding the Village Hall Management Committee’s request for a £3,000 grant to September. At that time the effect of COVID-19 on the 2021 car park income will be known and the full requested grant may be possible. This approach was agreed to by the meeting.

13/21.6          Budget

It was unanimously resolved to adopt the proposed 2021/22 budget with the two £500 contingency funds retained and up to 30 lengthsman hours budgeted for.

13/21.7          Precept

It was unanimously resolved to approve a 2021/22 precept demand of £12,000.

13/21.8          Devon County Council and South Hams District Council Locality Grants

It was resolved to agreed that DCC grant applications will be made for installation of Ham Triangle protection posts and two permanent playground signs. South Hams District Council Cllr McKay has been contacted about possible grant funding in 2021/22 to support implementation of the recommendations of the Dog Fouling Consultation.

14/21     Correspondence


  • 4/12/20, Thank you to the organisers of the excellent Christmas tree outside the Village Hall.
  • 9/12/20, Owner Old Chapel Burial Ground regarding access and use


  • 7/12/20, Portable toilet on The Ham – Clerk asked builders to remove
  • 16/12/20, Suggestion to put large stones on Ham Triangle’s Riverside Road verge to stop parking
  • 18/11/20, Outdoor Swimming Society, Cancellation of 2021 Dart 10K Event
  • 28/12/20, Resident, Parking and traffic safety on Riverside Road – Cllr Anderson has responded

15/21     Next Meeting

The of Dittisham Parish Council will be held on 3 February 2021 at 7:00 pm.

16/21     Maintenance Contract

It was resolved to close the meeting to press and members of the public to address this item because of the commercially sensitive nature of the subject.

The closed meeting decided DPC’s choice of Dittisham Maintenance Contractor from January 2021. The contractor will be South Hams District Council.

Cllrs agreed that the COVID-19 Response Review discussion would take place Wednesday 13 January at 6 pm

The meeting ended at 21:37.