The Agenda can be downloaded here or read below  AG_2021 October DPC Agenda

To all members of Dittisham Parish Council                                                                                                               1 October 2021

You are hereby summoned to attend the monthly meeting of Dittisham Parish Council to be held in Dittisham Village Hall, with audio Zoom conferencing, on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 7:00 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

  1. To note COVID-19 precautions being taken by the meeting.
  2. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.
  3. To declare any personal interests or disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda.
  4. Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

To receive the declaration of acceptance & to welcome the new Councillor.

  1. To consider approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 7 July & notes of the virtual meeting held on 1 September 2021.
  2. To consider any issues raised by members of the public.

Members of the public are invited to give their views, to question the Parish Council about issues on this Agenda, or to raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman.

  1. Community Reports
    • South Hams District Council Councillor
    • Devon County Council Councillor
  2. New planning applications
    • 3363/21/HHO & 3364/21/LBC 2 Watermans Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. Householder application & Listed building consent for 15 solar panels on two frames in garden.
    • 3442/21/HHO & 3443/21/LBC Meadow View The Level Dittisham TQ6 0ES. Householder application & Listed building consent for replacement rear conservatory extension.
    • 3493/21/LBC Dartside Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. Listed Building Consent for the removal of existing roof structure and the installation of a new roof structure.
  3. Consultations
  • SHDC, Gambling Act 2005 – Consultation on draft Gambling Statement of Principles closes 24th October 2021.
  • SHDC Draft Memorandum of Understanding regarding the consideration of Planning Applications

To consider DPC’s response.

  • SHDC Code of Conduct

To consider the adoption of the new Code by DPC.

  • Waste and Recycling Collections by SHDC

To consider feedback by DPC to SHDC

  • Reports from Councillors’ Working Groups & External Forums
    • Finance WG

To consider the recommendation regarding the request for annual Village Hall Maintenance Grants of £3,000.

  • Maintenance WG
  • To note actions in response to the Playground Inspection Report.
  • Special Motion – The Ham Working Group propose the motion that we would like to change original decision of using 4 aluminium posts for the Ham signs to using 4 wooden posts for the purpose of displaying the Ham information signs.
  • To agree the specifications for wooden posts and installation cost.
  • To agree repair of two Holes in The Ham Retaining Wall.
  • To confirm the work to the Old Chapel Burial Ground Railings – To be repaired. To be cleaned off, corrosion protected, and painted.
  • To consider the proposal to move the railing on the DSC side of gully by moving one post and rail so as stop access to that side of ditch behind reeds.
  • To consider reinstalling the second cradle swing
  • Management of Vegetation on Roads in the Village – To receive the Group’s report
  • DPC Policy on Use of Herbicides or Pesticides – To receive Cllr Nightingale’s proposal
  • Tree Policy – To consider the proposed DPC Tree Policy
  • Tree Planting on The Ham

To agree DPC’s response to the letter from a resident raising objection to eventual height of trees planted by DPC on The Ham because of concerns they will ultimately block river views, and requesting review or annual pollarding to limit to 25 feet.

  • Devon Association of Local Councils Conference presentation on Habitat Project Presentation by Cllr Nightingale.

To note, for information.

  • Proposed remit for a Climate & Environment Working Group

To receive Cllr Nightingale’s proposal

  • Treeworks

To review the work to crown raise the Lime in The Level Car Park and to remove a small dead Rowan from Ham Triangle.

  • Clerk Performance Appraisal

To consider the Working Group’s recommendations, including the cost for Certificate in Local Council Administration training £710

  • Financial Matters
    • Consider approval of financial report & bank reconciliation.
    • External Auditor’s Report

To consider the report and its comments.

  • Payments Due

To authorise the following payments:

  • Village Hall hire, June – Sept 21, £120.00
  • Play Inspection Company, Annual Inspection, £150.00
  • Car Park Attendant, July-September, £403.00
  • South West Water, Quay standpipe, June – September, £28.35
  • Clerk, Expenses reimbursement CE42, £21.24
  • PKF Littlejohn LLP, 2020/21 External Audit standard fee, £360.00
    • Level Car Park Loan Repayment

Confirmation of the 2021/22 £5,000 repayment.

  • Payments made since last meeting – For information

Cllr Bond, Reimbursement The Ham posts, railings, grass protection mesh, grass seed £139.66

  • Repeat Order form – Annual Inspection by The Play Inspection Company
  • SHDC Climate Change and Biodiversity Locality Fund – Sustainable South Hams group has made a request to all the Ward Councillors to as for £500 each from their climate change funds. – For information
  • To note or consider correspondence
    • Received
  • Resident, 5/9/21, Damage to garden by roaming pigs, Referred to police if a hazard on the road
  • Resident, 9/9/21, oil manor street walkers, Referred to DCC report
  • Resident, 10/9/21, Alleged unauthorised treeworks, advised report to SHDC enforcement
    • Sent
  • 6/9/21 Resident, Concerns raised about tree planting, interim response
  • 8/9/201 SHDC, manual roadside clean requested
  • 9/9/21 Village Hall Management Committee
  • 13&24/9/21 SHDC, Enquiry re reason for The Ham Toilets being closed temporarily for repair
  1. To confirm the next meeting of Dittisham Parish Council which is scheduled for 3 November 2021 at 7:00 pm.
  2. Closure of the Meeting

To consider resolving to close the meeting because of the commercial-in-confidence nature of the business.


To consider quotes for works agreed by the meeting.


Please do COVID 19 rapid antigen tests if attending in person.

The meeting will be held in the Village Hall with audio Zoom conferencing. We are trialling this and the sound quality is uncertain.

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Dial in by phone +44 203 481 5237  Meeting ID: 844 463 3513                                                           Annette Thom, Parish Clerk