Summary of the Habitat Review proposals.

The Habitat Group of Sustainable Dittisham has met with DPC’s Ham Maintenance group as well as DPC’s Habitat Review task and finish group – a positive and collaborate experience so far.

The aim is to improve the wildlife of the area, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, provide opportunities for education and outreach, and where possible make the Parish more beautiful.

Cost – the aim is to cover half of the initial outlay from grant and fundraising and ask DPC to make a £250 contribution – roughly half the estimated cost of 46 trees, 100 shrubs, stakes, guards, and so on.

Overall the approach should be collaborative with involvement of the Parish Council and the Sustainable Dittisham Habitat Group throughout.

We are entering planting season soon so it is important to try to push ahead if possible.

The proposals

Capton to take over maintenance of the Capton Green area. An understanding that the volunteers taking on this work would need to approach the Council for larger works like tree surgery.

The Churchyard in Dittisham to be strimmed once a year in Dec/Jan. A sign put up to inform people about the habitat improvement – with DPC’s contact details on. Monitored and adapted as needed.

A 2m strip left unstrimmed around the hedges on The Ham, and the area behind the benches and trees to the N. Side left unstrimmed.

The Triangle strimmed only once a year Dec/Jan, apart from the boundaries and around the bench and sculpture.

The Level car park only strimmed at the boundaries. Then Monitored.

Main planting on the Ham – as per the map and description in the attached document. Trees and associated shrubs and plants – only the trees are given numbers. Species to be chosen by collaborative agreement between the Habitat group and DPC’s Habitat group.

Three well chosen trees planted along the river wall of the Ham – as per the map and description in the attached document.

Some friendly signs made and put up, to highlight what is happening in various areas.

We are asking for a 50% £250 contribution from the Parish Council. This can be in the form of placing orders for, or contributing to orders for trees/plants. I note that the maintenance changes should save the Council funds on an ongoing basis.