Saving energy in the home
Part 2 of the Carbon Savers course is all about energy in the home – how our homes use, and lose energy, and what we can do about it.
Improving the insulation in our homes is a key way in which we can reduce energy use, save money every year, and increase comfort. Draughtproofing is perhaps one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this, and much of it is possible to do as DIY. Loft insulation is also one of the easier improvements to make. 
Heating systems can be made more efficient by flushing the system, balancing the radiators, and adding in good controls. Condensing boilers can be made more efficient by reducing the flow temperature to 60ºC or below. 
Renewable heating solutions like heat pumps are a way in which to reduce the carbon emissions from your heating system, and they will be far more cost effective to run than those with night storage heaters.    
You might be interested in our cost of living page where you can see signposting to other information and resources, including information on loans and grants for home energy saving improvements, and you can also download an energy saving leaflet.