If your collection has been missed please report to SHDC: https://southhams.fccenvironment.co.uk/missedcollection

SHDC can withhold payment if the service hasn’t been delivered but that decision must be based on missed collections reported via SHDC’s website.

Reports can be made the day after your collection was due and must be made within two working days of your scheduled collection.

SHDC has asked that one missed collection is only reported once – reporting more than once will use extra SHDC resources but not speed up resolution.
In addition, our South Hams District Councillor John McKay has also set up a form that you can use to report any issues to him: https://mckay.sh/waste/
He will use the information to help him track issues.
Cllr McKay’s contact details are here: https://dittishamparish.co.uk/councillors/

Information from SHDC about what service your address is currently receiving: https://southhams.gov.uk/waste-service-updates

In Dittisham so far as I can tell and at least in the village, food waste needs to go into the black bin until further notice.