Working in the daytime. No works on weekends or public holidays.
Next week, from Monday 29/3 – repairing drains and starting milling. Higher Street is expected to be open.
Following week, from Tuesday 6/4 – milling and resurfacing. Higher Street closed except for access to residences.

Higher Street is needed to load and unload their lorries etc. There is a plan to try to do this on private property, and only if that is successful Higher Street can remain open.

There will be a gateman at scheme extents of road closure to control access and advise on diversion route
The closure is in place to protect workforce & members of the public.

There will be access for emergency vehicles.
Lower Street residents are being advised to park elsewhere for the duration of the work.
Higher Street residents will have access to their driveways.
Please be aware that this is the best summary of the plan, circumstances may require it to change.
If we can minimise the disruption of the works to allow access to properties, then they will finish sooner!