The Minutes can be read below or downloaded here: MN_2024 June 05 DPC Draft Minutes

DRAFT Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Dittisham Parish Council held in
Dittisham Village Hall on Wednesday 5 June 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

6:00 pm – Drop-In Session

No Parishioners attended.

7:00 pm – Public Forum

No issues raised by members of the public.

Present: Cllrs Nightingale(Chair), Bond(Vice-Chair), Hawkes, Neale, Pope, and Unitt were present, as were A Thom (Clerk) and Devon County Councillor Hawkins (entered during Co-option Item). There were no members of the public in person or over Zoom audio-connection.

Absent. Cllrs Golding, Green, and Lloyd.

  1. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Golding, Green, and SHDC Cllr McKay.

  1. Co-option of two Parish Councillors

The three applicants for the two vacant positions for a Parish Councillor were interviewed using a standard set of questions and time period. It was resolved to co-opt David Hawkes and Roger Pope to be Parish Councillors. They both signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and then joined the meeting. Cllrs considered that all three candidates were very strong and would make valuable contributions to the Parish Council. They hope to involve the third candidate in other capacities such as DPC Working Groups.

  1. Declaration of Interests

None declared.

  1. Approval of Minutes

It was resolved to approve of the Minutes of the meetings held on 1 May 2024.

  1. Community Reports

    1. South Hams District Council Councillor

Deferred in the absence of SHDC Cllr McKay.

    1. Devon County Council Councillor

DCC Cllr Hawkins introduced himself and his area of responsibility. He reported that Highways has an extra twelve million pounds which will be used for pothole repairs. The pothole in Victoria Road is a defect caused by a collapsed drain. Its repair by South West Water is expected by the end of the week. A petition to keep the ‘Lollipop’ school road crossing safety person was signed by 167 people. Dartmouth Green Partnerships is restarting the project for a community composting site. It is considering sites at Jawbones and in Admiral Court. Cllr Hawkins has £600 grant funds available to Dittisham for this financial year. The funds could be used on the Jubilee Steps handrail project.

  1. 2023/24 Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR)

The Internal Auditor’s Report has now been received. No issues raised. An extraordinary meeting to consider the approval of the 23/24 AGAR was provisionally scheduled for 26 June 2024.

  1. Financial Matters

    1. Financial Reports

It was resolved to approve the Financial Reports, which showed a total balance of £75,482.32 and an unearmarked General Fund of £17,885.57.

    1. Payments

Cllr Bond declared a disclosable pecuniary interest and left the meeting.

It was resolved to authorise the following payments:

  • DALC, Crisis communications for local councils webinar, £36.00

  • Reimbursement of the Clerk’s May Expenses. £23.93

  • Reimbursement, replacement for broken Padlock for beach entrance to The Ham, £9.89

  • Reimbursement, Postcrete for pothole repairs, £9.29

Cllr Bond returned to the meeting.

The following payments made since the last monthly meeting were noted:

  • SHDC, Grounds maintenance contract 2023, £3,781.92

  • SHDC, RingGo Service Fee, Quarter 3 2023/24, £114.96

  • SHDC, RingGo Service Fee, Quarter 4 2023/24, £71.90

  • HMRC, VAT interest, £2.13

    1. Insurance

It was resolved to delegate the choice and payment of the next Parish Council Insurance Policy to the Clerk in consultation with Finance Working Group Councillors.

    1. Bank Mandates

It was resolved to add Cllr Lloyd to DPC’s bank mandates because they are a member of the Finance Working Group.

  1. SHDC Planning Decisions

The following decisions were noted:

    1. 0398/24/HHO Mulberry House Dittisham TQ6 0ER. Householder application for single storey extension to kitchen, replacement of veranda with new garden room, insertion of window to rear elevation, replacement of upvc windows and doors with timber units, replacement of single glazed timber conservatory with double glazed timber, installation of air source heat pump and internal alteration. Conditional Approval.

    2. 0928/24/LBC Bozomzeal Manor Bozomzeal Dittisham TQ6 0JG. Listed Building Consent for repair works to main house & pump house & new floor to garage. Conditional Approval.

    3. 1011/24/HHO Capton Mill Cottage Capton TQ6 0JE. Householder application for first floor extension to rear, new raised patio to front, installation of new windows at first floor level on south east and south west elevations and juliette balcony. Conditional Approval.

  1. New Planning Applications
    1. 1253/24/HHO, 1 Glendale Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EY. Householder application for proposed erection of a free-standing shed/summer house.

It was resolved to defer consideration of this application to the 3 July meeting.

  1. Reports from Councillors’ Working Groups and External Forums

    1. Village Hall Management Committee

The Report’s two action items, regarding the annual maintenance grant and a possible new car park, are addressed on this Agenda.

    1. Volunteer Emergency Telephone System (VETS)

It was resolved that the Emergency Response Team would start using the VETS system in Dittisham, set up cost £45 and annual cost £100. The Communications Working Group Councillors will assist with publicity about the system.

    1. Possible new Car Park in the village of Dittisham

The DPC Cllrs working on this project have met with the grantor of the land and the Cllrs’ Report outlines a suggested approach. The next step is to meet with representatives from the Village Hall Management Committee. They will do so and report back to DPC as soon as possible.

    1. Climate & Nature

It was resolved to have a standing Climate and Nature Agenda item.

    1. Defibrillator Management

It was noted that the bags have sustained UV damage so the shells are being replaced, as is one bag.

  1. Review of Maintenance Grant to Village Hall Management Committee

It was resolved that Cllrs Pope and Unitt would represent DPC in a discussion meeting.

  1. Playground Inspections

It was noted that the Annual Inspection Report has been received and a DPC response plan is to follow for the 3 July meeting.

  1. Management of Hemlock on The Ham

It was noted that SHDC has advised it is not cutting hemlock, DPC warning signs are in place, and a response plan to follow for the 3 July meeting (ideally using research done by SHDC to manage its sites).

  1. Environment Agency’s Request for Concessionary Parking

It was resolved to refuse the request.

  1. Dementia Awareness Session

It was resolved to confirm that DPC will host a session at 6:30 p.m. on 10 July, and for the session to be for the Public as well as DPC.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan Public Information Meeting

It was resolved to confirm that DPC will host a meeting on 25 September at 7:00 p.m..

  1. Installation of a Defibrillator on The Ham – Location Amendment

It was resolved to approve the proposed revision to installation site, and to licence to occupy description and plan.

  1. Dittisham Sailing Club Permit Regulations

It was resolved to approve updating the Regulation to explicitly state that the permit may be used for only one vehicle. Cllrs Pope and Unitt abstained.

  1. Correspondence

The following correspondence was noted or considered:

  • 23/4/24, St George’s Church, Thanking DPC for the grant

  • 26/4/24, Citizens Advice South Hams, Thanking DPC for a grant

  • 8/5/24, Western Gateway and Peninsula Transport STBs publish Electric Vehicle Charging Study

  • 8/5/24, SHDC, Free decarbonisation support for South Hams businesses

  • 14/5/24, The Ham now has designated Bathing Water Status

  • 16/5/24, The Bioregional Learning Centre, Invitation to Cllrs – Adaptation and Resilience Learning Journey, 3-7 June (join as many days as preferred)

  • 16/5/24, Phone call from resident whose friend fell on slippery path to Dittisham Mill Creek.
    Asked to report DCC and DPC Maintenance Working Group is considering further action

  • 16/5/24, SHDC grounds maintenance team instructed by SHDC not to strim hemlock on The Ham

  • 18/5/24, Request for support for campaign to improve the safety of lithium batteries

  • 22/5/24, SHDC, New Free Business Support Programme for Construction and Maintenance Professionals

  • 23/5/24, DCC, Event – Pasture to Plate – South Devon Food Hub inaugural event for farmers and producers. Longcombe Valley, TQ9 6PW, Tuesday, 09 July 2024, 12:00 – 16:30

  • May 24, Lloyds Bank, interest rate reducing 27/7 & BPC not covered by FSCS.
    Lloyds has confirmed verbally that BPC is covered by FSCS with letter to follow.

  1. Next Meeting

It was confirmed that the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 3 July 2024 at 7:00 p.m..

  1. Closure of the Meeting

It was resolved, in accordance with the 1960 Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act to exclude the public and press during consideration of the following item(s) because of the confidential nature of the business.

  1. To consider the DPC’s next actions to meet its responsibilities as the owner of a freehold

DPC considered the advice received from its solicitor and the DPC internal reports. A plan on the next actions was approved by resolution.

  1. Employment Matter

It was resolved to confirm the Clerk’s requested leave.

The meeting closed at 21:57.