The Approved Minutes can be read below or downloaded here: MN_2022 December 07 DPC Approved Minutes

APPROVED Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Dittisham Parish Council held in Dittisham Village Hall on Wednesday 6 December 2022, scheduled to start at 7:00p.m

The meeting started late due to the Clerk’s late positive COVID test. The planned screening of the first Carbon Savers Course was deferred to the 4 January meeting due to technical difficulties with the sound.

  • Present: Councillors Nightingale (Vice-Chair and meeting Chair), Bond, Green, Hodge, Neale, and Unitt were present in the Hall, as were Devon County Cllr Hawkins, and 9 members of the public. A Thom (Clerk) and two members of the public joined via the audio-connection.
  1. Co-opted Parish Councillor

Councillor Hodge was welcomed to the Parish Council.

  1. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Anderson, Lloyd, and Tucker, and South Hams District Cllr McKay.

  1. Declaration of Interests

Cllr Hodge declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in the Village Hall and it was resolved to grant the written request for a dispensation to speak.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings held on 2 November and 30 November 2022.

It was unanimously resolved to support the approval of the minutes.

  1. Public Issues
    • Request that the Parish Lengthsman sweep leaves which block drains at the top of Riverside Road

It was agreed to ask the SHDC Localities team to sweep. The Maintenance Working Group Councillors will consider the wider management of the problem throughout the village.

  • King’s Coronation Saturday 6 May 2023

It was agreed to make a provision in the budget and to look out for grants to apply for.

  1. Management of the surface of the Jubilee Steps

The item was moved up the Agenda at the Chair’s discretion. The steps are the property of Devon County Council. DCC does not have resources to do works such as to install handrails because of financial pressures. If residents are injured on the steps DCC Cllr Hawkins said that the contact details to make a personal claim are on the DCC website. It was agreed that the management options available will be considered and costed, and reported back to a meeting of DPC.

  1. Community Reports
    • Devon County Council Councillor

DCC Cllr Hawkins said the SHDC agreed last week to make £147,000 available for cost of living grants. £50,000 can be bid for by local charities who are helping. Cllr Hawkins has met with Citizens Advice and will meet the new CVS Manager this week about the provision of help. Vouchers for free school meals over the Christmas holidays can be requested until 15 December.

There will be a three-month closure of Brixham Road.

DCC has severe financial pressure in the challenging times. There is a £75 million budget shortfall. The cost of the protected delivery of Adult Social Services and Children’s Services are affected by inflation.

The Children’s Centre has a meeting with local community bus service providers next week to find money for a community bus service in the area.

Cllr Hawkins will see if he can help with gritting into the village.

A new DCC Chief Executive Officer has been appointed.

  • South Hams District Council Councillor

Deferred in the absence of SHDC Cllr McKay.

  1. SHDC Planning Decisions

The following decisions were noted:

  • 2554/22/FUL Water Edge Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY. Change of use of Boathouse to short term holiday let (retrospective). Conditional Approval.
  • 2539/22/HHO Watermans Cottage Manor Street Dittisham. Householder application for demolition of existing summerhouse & re- built in new style.
  • 2734/22/TCA St Annes, Manor Street, Dittisham, TQ6 0EX. Proposed works: T0073: Magnolia tree – Crown reduction from existing height to 4.5 metres & Crown lift to 2 metres above ground to reduce spread to keep tree in proportion and to manage the size of tree in small garden. Raise no Objections.
  • 3411/22/TPO The Old Rectory, Rectory Lane, Dittisham, TQ6 0HD. T1: fell to ground level due to low amenity value and damage to drive & T2: Eucalyptus – fell to ground level due to low amenity value and to create space for other planting. Raise no Objections.
  • 3687/22/TCA Bay Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. T1: Conifer – dismantle due to heavily shading garden and to allow more beneficial species within garden. Raise no Objections.
  1. 3683/22/TCA Mill Creek Cottage Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY. T1-8: Ash – fell due to dieback. The delegated decision taken by the Clerk in consultation with DPC Tree Wardens to support the SHDC Officers proposal for alternative works was noted.
  • New planning applications
    • 3296/22/HHO Yew Tree Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX.Householder application to replace existing single storey extension with new two storey extension & internal alterations, alterations to front parking, replacement of failing & leaking windows & addition of porch canopy above front entrance (Resubmission of 4130/21/FUL).

Object (unanimous resolution): The proposal affects the setting of listed buildings including the attached cottage uphill, the extension is too high and is visible from the River and has a negative effect on the character of the landscape in a Conservation Area and AONB. The application hasn’t addressed the new climate planning requirements.

  • 3628/22/FUL Herongate Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY. Extension to boathouse to provide ancillary accommodation.

No comment (by resolution).

  • 3843/22/VAR Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Application for variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) of planning consent 1461/19/FUL.

It was resolved by unanimous resolution to agree.

  • 3845/22/VAR Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Application for variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) of planning consent 1025/20/FUL (retrospective).

Consideration of this application was deferred.

  • Premises licence application from Dartmouth Town Council for Royal Avenue Gardens, Dartmouth. Seven performance related provisions.

No comment will be made on this application.

  • P/2022/1119 – Land to The South Of White Rock Adjacent To Brixham Road, Aka Inglewood, Paignton. Major Reserved Matters application relating to outline consent P/2017/1133 for approval of (i) layout, (ii) scale, (iii) appearance, (iv) landscaping for the construction of 373 dwellings (Use Class C3), provision of serviced land for primary school and nursery school, internal access roads including vehicular and pedestrian/cycle access, the provision of public open space (formal and informal) and strategic mitigation.
    No further comment will be submitted by DPC.
  1. Consultations
  • DCC, Devon Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy. Closes 16th December 2022.

No comment will be made by DPC.

  • Reports from Councillors’ Working Groups & External Forums
    • Village Hall

DPC received a Report from Cllr Neale and noted that the Annual Premises Report has been received by DPC. The Clerk’s question about what problem requires works to the wall beyond the repair of the damage caused by a vehicle will be referred back to the Village Hall Management Committee.

  • Maintenance Working Group

The recommendation to consider taking up the option to extend the current contract with SHDC and the proposed Specifications for the contract was approved by unanimous resolution. It was agreed to obtain its price for the contract from SHDC.

  1. DCC Councillor Locality Fund

It was agreed by unanimous resolution to apply for a grant to fund the works to refurbish the area adjacent to the Manor Street turning bay and to install a bench there.

  1. Project to Install two Defibrillators

It was agreed to create an earmarked reserve to hold funds raised for the project, such as those raised by the recent Quiz. SHDC has agreed in principle to provide access to power from the toilet block on The Ham and Cllrs are looking into the supply of power to the phone box in Capton.

  1. Slippery Lane to Dittisham Mill Creek

It was agreed that the management options available will be considered and costed, and reported back to a meeting of DPC. The lane is a public right of way.

  1. Financial Matters
    • Financial Reports

It was resolved to approve the reports which showed a total balance of £82,397.66 and a General Fund of £33,766.69.

  • Payments

It was resolved to authorise the following payments:

  • SHDC, Maintenance Contract, £3,536.78
  • Village Hall, Hall Hire September to December 22, £169.99
  • Parish Lengthsman, October & November 22, £407
  • Clerk November Council Expenses reimbursement £17.29

The following payments made since the November meeting were noted:

  • Clerk, November Salary, October overtime, 22/23 Award back-pay, £1,516.29
  • HMRC, November, £404.61
  • NEST Pensions, November, £127.89
    • Clerk’s claim for overtime

The Clerk’s claim for six hours overtime was approved by resolution.

  • Allocation of additional Parish Lengthsman hours

Consideration of the allocation of additional hours was deferred.

  • Draft Budget

Consideration of items for the 2022/23 budget was deferred.

  • 2022-23 NJC Award for Clerks

It was noted that the current pay rate has been implemented.

  • Payment to the Clerk for their time to complete the CiLCA

It was resolved unanimously to agree to the Personnel Committee’s recommendation for payment to the Clerk for their time required to complete the CiLCA (£3,135.44, including Employer’s National Insurance and Pension contributions), as detailed in the circulated supporting documents and Personnel Committee Minutes.


  • To note or consider correspondence
  • 1/11/22, Power Allotments Devon, Community energy site finding project.
    It was agreed to publicise this project.
  • 11/22, To SHDC regarding sweeping Jubilee Steps. Confirmed visit from SHDC.
  • 16/11/22 Devon Wildlife Trust, Free landmark tree offer.
    It was agreed to accept the offer and Cllr Neale will work on choice of tree and location.
  • 11/22 Lower Street Shute Hill end camber, leaves blocking drains, gully too small. Correspondence with DCC & SHDC
  • 11/22, Resident, Slippery footpath to Dittisham Mill Creek. Discussed with DCC
  1. The next meeting of Dittisham Parish Council will be held on 4 January 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 22:00.