APPROVED Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Dittisham Parish Council held in Dittisham Village Hall on Wednesday 4 December 2019 at 7:00p.m.

Present: Cllrs Tucker (Chair), Anderson (Vice-Chair), Bond, Faulkner, Lloyd, Nightingale and Quinn were present, as were A Thom (Clerk) and one member of the public.

207/19       Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Green and South Hams District Councillor McKay.

208/19       Declaration of Interests

Cllr Quinn declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in Item 14, Darling Cottage Correspondence. It was resolved to grant Cllr Quinn a dispensation to speak on this Item before leaving the meeting.

209/19       Approval of Minutes

It was resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6 November 2019.

210/19       Public Issues

210/19.1 Village Hall Management Committee

A member of the Committee discussed the dialogue between the VHMC and DPC about the VHMC obtaining funds from DPC for the maintenance of the Hall. A grant has been applied for, but they are that concerned that DPC’s Policy conditions mean that the VHMC is not able to access funds for urgent works already carried out at the end of October. They commented that the Village Hall and its Management Committee are a creation of DPC. The VHMC was set up with the lease of the Village Hall and has been operating for 40 years. They said it has always needed financial support from DPC. It is hoped that existing DPC reserve funds of £2,000 will be able to be released and will submit an application for those funds to be considered by the January meeting. The VHMC is hoping that phase 2 of the works will start in 2020. Funds gifted to date are only available for improvements, not maintenance. Rental income is likely to be reduced in 2020 because of building works. The VHMC has tried to expand the 100 Club to provide a separate income source. The VHMC is unlikely to retain many trustees if there is a shortfall in income.

Cllr Tucker explained that the intent is that the proposed annual condition report would involve a Committee Member walking around the Hall to assess its current condition – not a formal specialist dilapidation report. A specialist report might be required every five years. The VHMC representative suggested that the reporting format be agreed between VHMC and DPC over the next few months. The forthcoming VHMC fund raising events will be used to fund improvements, not maintenance. Cllr Tucker expressed concern about the approach. The VHMC representative said that planned works will reduce maintenance costs and donors are not keen to fund maintenance. The VHMC is often concerned about an obligation to raise funds and doesn’t think that is their prime purpose. They are already busy and demographics makes fund raising extremely difficult. They said one advantage of support from DPC is a wider cross section of the Parish providing funds.

Consideration of Item 13.5 was moved up by the Chair.

The request for an annual report was agreed as circulated. The conduct of a formal survey every five years was deferred for further discussion in the future. No additional grant conditions were suggested.

211/19       Community Reports

211/19.1         South Hams District Council Councillor

South Hams District Cllr McKay’s written report notes there is very little to report other than to remind Cllrs about the Planning training seminar he has organised for 9 December. Cllr McKay sent his congratulations to Alderman Tucker.

211/19.2         Devon County Council Councillor

Devon County Cllr Hawkins congratulated Cllr Tucker on being made an honorary Alderman by South Hams District Council.

HATOC met last Friday. Satnavs were discussed and similar issues to Dittisham’s with HGVs getting stuck are widespread. Cllr Hawkins has asked the relevant DCC Officer to visit in January. Extra signage has been offered as the only solution – probably a simple HGV with a black line though it. He said that formal designation of a width or length restriction would cost £2,000-£4,000. Cllrs advised that it is long vehicles which get stuck and the use of a pictorial sign was suggested.

212/19       Communications in relation to planning/tree applications

The following communications were noted:

212/19.1           2398/19/FUL Coombe Farm Studios Dittisham Dartmouth TQ6 0JA. Retrospective application for permission to site mobile airstream caravan unit on land for use by chef for Coombe Studios. Conditional Approval.

212/19.2           2766/19/HHO Downton Lodge Dittisham Devon TQ6 0JD. Householder application for alterations to existing dwelling, two storey extension and construction of new garage. Conditional Approval.

213/19       New planning/tree applications.

213/19.1  P/2017/1133 | Outline application for residential led development of up to 373 dwellings (C3) together with the means of vehicular and pedestrian/cycle access together with the principle of a public house (A3/A4 use), primary school with nursery (D1), internal access roads and the provision of public open space (formal and informal) and strategic mitigation. The proposal includes amendments to Brixham Road, Long Road junction and Windy Corner junction. Details of access to be determined with all other matters reserved. Please note that this is an amended description of the previously advertised ‘Outline application for residential led development of up to 400 Dwellings (C3)’. No additional plans have been submitted in respect of the amended description. There is no need to repeat representations already submitted on the application as these will be taken into account. This application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and the proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan (Torbay Local Plan 2012-2030 and Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan) in force in the area in which the land to which the application relates is situated. | Land To The South Of White Rock Adjacent To Brixham Road Aka Inglewood Paignton.

Cllr Anderson reported that the applicant lodged an appeal today.

It was unanimously resolved to resubmit the comment made by DPC in 2017 (proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Faulkner).

213/19.2           3578/19/FUL Greenbank, Riverside Road, Dittisham, TQ6 0HS. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling.

Support (proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Faulkner, carried, unanimous). Comment to include DPC’s standard comment about light pollution, and to request a construction method statement to address noise issues.

213/19.3            3745/19/HHO Sunbeams, Riverside Road, Dittisham, TQ6 0HS. Householder application for proposed alterations adding a new extension and providing associated improved landscaping and parking.

Support (proposed Cllr Anderson, seconded Cllr Nightingale, carried, unanimous).

214/19       Consultations

  • SHDC, Consultation notification: the Plymouth and South West Devon Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Closes 6 January 2020.

Cllrs may comment individually.

  • SHDC, Review of parking permits, invitation for DPC to raise matters

No suggestions will be submitted by DPC.

215/19       Reports from Councillors with Specific Responsibilities / External Forums

215/19.1         Ham Maintenance

It was resolved unanimously to approve expenditure for DPC’s Maintenance Contractor to: cut back vegetation to make new children playing safety signs visible, clear fallen trees in North Ham where leaning on other trees (3 hours), install a lockable post (2-3 hours), remove dead tree & prepare for planting area next to southeast corner of Ham car park (1/2 hour), remove plants & repoint Old Chapel wall (1 hour), and replace two risers and create a step on footpath 1.

It was suggested that a possible location for the new bench is near the footpath to the village boat park, in front of the footpath, close to the life buoy. An alternative location is required because of changes to tides/weather making the location on the beach near the life buoy too hazardous to place a bench there. This question will be on the 8 January Agenda.

215/19.2         Emergency Plan

It was resolved to adopt the plan as a working document to be reviewed biannually.

Contact list / resource forms will be supplied to the WI, Sustainable Dittisham, Red Lion etc.

215/19.3         Dart Estuary Forum

The report was noted.

It was resolved to delegate the Clerk authority to decide the location of new information signs in the area of the pontoon and The Ham on the advice of the Ham Maintenance Working Group.

215/19.4         Condition of Trees next to Ham Lane

Cllr Tucker declared a personal interest and left the meeting.

Cllr Faulkner reported that he has looked at all of the trees. A second branch has fallen onto Ham Lane. He reported that in his view three trees are in bad condition and need to come down. One would cause Ham Lane a problem if it falls in that direction. It was resolved that the Clerk would write to the owner of the trees.

216/19       Problem with HGVs getting stuck

This item was addressed under Community Reports.

217/19       Dog Poo Bins

It was agreed that DPC will ask SHDC to install a new bin southwest corner of The Ham, and to move bin at northeast corner to path near DSC box, and to move LCP bin to near road on north east side of car park.

DPC will also ask SHDC to remove the broken bin located near the bus stop and the small bin in the same area, and install one standard public bin.

218/19       Defibrillator Training

It was agreed that DPC will arrange a community training session.

219/19       Financial Matters

219/19.1         Consider approval of Financial Report & Bank Reconciliation.

It was resolved to approve the Report, which showed a balance of £71,950.14 and unearmarked reserves of £16,530.92, and bank reconciliation.

219/19.2         Payments Made, Due and Received

It was resolved to approve the following payment:

  • Parish Lengthsman, 9 August – 1 November, £300.00

It was resolved to approve the Lengthsman’s request for a further five hours (approved by the Clerk and Chair, and by the meeting).

219/19.3         Annual Data Protection Fee to the ICO

It was resolved to pay by direct debit.

219/19.4         Register for VAT

It was unanimously resolved that DPC will register for VAT.

The Car Park WG Councillors and Cllr Tucker will meet to discuss a review of car park fees and consider other actions required.

219/19.5         Village Hall Management Committee

Provision of an annual report and grant conditions discussed under Public Issues.

219/19.6         DCC Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund

It was agreed that DPC will submit applications for funds to support the Parish Lengthsman service, and for gully sucker work in 2020.

219/19.7         Draft 2019/20 Budget & Precept

Installation of an EV charging point was raised as a possible project. Implementation of all current plans, proposals and requests results in a deficit budget of about £13,000. These include an extra loan repayment, grants to St George’s Church and to the Village Hall, a short path on the Ham wall edge of The Ham, new playground equipment such as a climbing wall or roundabout, a BBQ, repairing the path by the willow tree, and creation of sinking funds for removal of ash trees and replacement of playground equipment.

219/19.8         Clerk’s Overtime

It was resolved to approve the claim.

219/19.9         Clerk’s Annual Leave

The request to carry forward four days annual leave was approved. The approved leave 23 December to 3 January was noted.

219/19.10       Clerk’s Expenses

The claim CE31 for reimbursement of £57.19 expenses was approved

220/19       Correspondence

  • 25/11/19 Correspondence from the applicant regarding the Minute of Dittisham Parish Council’s comment on Planning application 0479/19/VAR at Darling, Manor Street, Dittisham. TQ6 0EX. READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans) Application for Removal or Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) following Grant of Planning permission 18/42/15/F.

Cllr Quinn spoke before leaving the meeting.

Professional advice has been implemented in full. The Clerk was instructed to reply that DPC will not be entering into further correspondence on this matter, subject to confirmatory advice.

221/19       Next Meeting

It was confirmed that the next meeting of Dittisham Parish Council will be on 8 January 2019 at 7:00 pm.


The meeting closed at 21:46.