The Agenda can be read below or downloaded here: AG_2024 June 26 EM DPC Agenda

To all members of Dittisham Parish Council 21 June 2024

You are hereby summoned to attend the extraordinary meeting of Dittisham Parish Council to be held in Dittisham Village Hall on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at 7:00 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

              1. AGENDA

  1. Apologies:

To receive apologies for absence.

  1. Declaration of Interests

To declare interests in items on the Agenda.

  1. 2023/24 Annual Governance and Accountability Return

    1. 2023/24 Internal Audit

To note the Auditor’s report and agree any action required.

    1. 2023/24 Audit Annual Governance Statement

To resolve to approve the Statement.

    1. Signature of the Audit Annual Governance Statement

    2. 2023/24 Audit Accounting Statements

To consider the Accounting Statements.

    1. 2023/24 Audit Accounting Statements

To resolve to approve the Statements

    1. 2021/22 Audit Accounting Statements

Signature by the Chair of the Meeting

    1. Publication of Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return

To note that the Return & Notice will be published, with inspection dates 1 July 2024 to 9 August 2024.

  1. Parish Council Insurance Policy 2024-2027

To consider the current options and consider approving a policy and deciding its term.


The meeting will be held in the Village Hall with audio only Zoom conferencing.

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Dial in by phone +44 203 481 5237 Meeting ID: 844 463 3513

Sune Nightingale, Chair