The agenda can be read below or downloaded here: AG_2023 April DPC Agenda

To all members of Dittisham Parish Council 31 March 2023

You are hereby summoned to attend the monthly meeting of Dittisham Parish Council to be held in Dittisham Village Hall on Wednesday 5 April 2022 at 7:00p.m for the purpose of transacting the following business.

              1. Carbon Savers Course, Session 4 – Quality of Life, 7:00-7:15

              2. AGENDA

  1. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.

  2. To declare any personal interests or disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the agenda.

  3. To consider approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 1 March 2023.

  4. To consider any issues raised by members of the public.

Members of the public are invited to give their views, to question the Parish Council about issues on this Agenda, or to raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman.

  1. Community Reports

    1. South Hams District Council Councillor

    2. Devon County Council Councillor

  2. Financial Matters

    1. Consider approval of financial reports

    2. Payments

      1. To authorise the following payments:

  • DALC, Being a Good Councillor Course #2 & 3, £36.00

  • Devon Communities Together annual membership fee, £50.00

  • SHDC, 22/23 Payroll, £120.00

  • SHDC, Litter Bins The Ham

  • SHDC, Ham Car Park Rates, £2,986.52

  • SHDC, Level Car Park Rates, £2,829.33

  • Dittisham Village Hall, Hire Jan – March 2023, £127.00

  • Community Heartbeat Trust, Annual Support agreements, £396.00

  • Clerk, March Expenses reimbursement, £21.63

  • South West Water, Quay tap December 22 to March 23, £23.91

      1. To note payments made since the March meeting

  • Lazerpics, Paper DSC car park permits, £165.00

  • Clerk, March Salary £1,247.95

  • HMRC, March, £212.66

  • NEST Pensions, March, £98.56

      1. To note that DALC, Chair’s Training course has been authorised, £36.00.

    1. ReceIpts

  • SHDC,Grant towards village roads weed clearance project, £400.00

  • DCC, HMCEF Grant for Lengthsman work, £300.00

  • National Grid, Use of Level Car Park during works on Manor Street, £100

    1. Grant Applications to DPC

  • Village Hall Management Committee, Hall maintenance, £3,000

  • St George’s Church, Graveyard grounds maintenance, £1,850.00

  • South Hams Citizens Advice, £350

  1. SHDC Planning Decisions
    1. 3628/22/FUL Herongate Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY Extension to boathouse to provide ancillary accommodation. Withdrawn.

    2. 0064/23/HHO Herons Flight Riverside Road Dittisham TQ6 0HS.Householder application for minor changes to the existing planning consent 1183/21/HHO (retrospective). Conditional Approval.

    3. 3296/22/HHO Yew Tree Cottage Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. READVERTISEMENT (amended documents) Householder application to replaceexisting single storey extension with new two storey extension & internal alterations, alterations to front parking, replacement of failing & leaking windows & addition of porch canopy above front entrance (Resubmission of 4130/21/FUL). Conditional Approval.

    4. 4337/22/HHO Overdart House Rectory Lane Dittisham TQ6 0HD. Householder application for alterations and additions to existing dwelling (Resubmission of 2238/22/HHO). Conditional Approval.

  2. New planning applications
    1. 0021/23/FUL Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Installation of a solar array and associated works (Retrospective).

    2. 0376/23/HHO Watermans Cottage Manor Street Dittisham. Householder application for demolition of existing summerhouse & re- build in new style (resubmission of 2539/22/HHO).

    3. 0442/23/HHO & 0443/23/LBC Church Cottage Higher Street Dittisham TQ6 0HT. Householder application & Listed building consent for internal alterations to change an existing first floor dressing room into a shower room.

    4. 0659/23/ARM Distins Boatyard Old Mill Lane Dartmouth. Application for approval of reserved matters following outline consent2327/22/OPA relating to landscaping. Neighbouring Parish Consultee.

    5. Variation to the premises licence of The Seahorse Restaurant, 5 South Embankment, Dartmouth, TQ6 9BH.

    6. For information: 0851/23/COM Land at SX 837 053 Capton Dartmouth TQ6 0JE. Notice of intention to install a telegraph pole at 10.5m high (9m above ground) for the provision of FTTP.

  3. New tree applications
    1. 1118/23/TEX Langscott Lower Street Dittisham TQ6 0HY. : T1: Silver Birch – Wind has blown tree over & T2: Silver Blown – Root plate lifted on one side and heavily leaning, to be dismantled before it falls over.
  4. Sustainable South Hams River Assembly 18 March 2023

To receive a Report.

  1. Consultations

    1. South West Water, Draft Water Resources Management Plan. Closes 9 May 2023.

  2. Reports from Councillors’ Working Groups & External Forums

    1. Personnel Councillors

  • To consider approval of the proposed Training and Development Policy.

  • To delegate the Clerk authority to authorise training as per the Policy.

  • To consider the recommendation that the Clerk’s core hours remain 18 hours per week April-June.

  • Civility and Respect Pledge – To screen a two minute introductory video.

  1. Application to Hire The Ham for a Coronation Games Event on Monday 8 May

  2. Proposal for maintenance of trees and hedge on LHS of the Level Car Park funnel

To consider approving the proposals in the Report.

  1. Memorial Bench on The Ham

To consider the request.

  1. DPC Cloud Storage Provider

To consider the proposal to change to Jottacloud.

  1. Standing Orders

To approve the updated orders, which include time for public participation and procedure for special motions.

  1. Information Management System Policy

To consider the proposed Policy.

  1. Parish Website – COVID resources pages

To confirm that the pages will be removed.

  1. DPC Consultation Process

To consider a community consultation process.

  1. To note or consider correspondence

  • Sent 9/3/22, DCC Cllrs Hughes and Leadbetter Request for reinstatement on DCC’s gritting schedule. Response received Cllr Hughes (Highways).

  • 9/3/22 Neighbourhood Team Sergeant Introduced and provided contact details

  • Anthony Mangnall MP holding open meetings with South West Water representatives. – Brixham: 30th March 2023 at 5pm & Totnes: 27th April 2023 at 5pm

  • 6/3/23, Notification of installation of one new telegraph pole for the provision of FTTP at Capton, TQ6 0JE

  • 15/3/23, Airband, Notice of road closure permit request on Capton,TQ6 0JE in the next 6 months.

  1. Annual Parish Meeting

To note that the meeting will take place on Wednesday 19 April at 7:00 pm.

  1. Next meeting of Dittisham Parish Council

To note that the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and the next monthly Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 10 May 2023 starting at 7:00 p.m


The meeting will be held in the Village Hall with audio only Zoom conferencing.

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Dial in by phone +44 203 481 5237 Meeting ID: 844 463 3513

Annette Thom, Parish Clerk

31 March 2023