The Agenda for the Parish Council’s meeting on 7 October 2020 at 7:00 pm can be read below or

downloaded as a pdf here: AG_2020 October DPC Agenda

To all members of Dittisham Parish Council                                                                 2 October 2020


You are hereby summoned to attend the monthly meeting of Dittisham Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 7:00 p.m. using public videoconferencing for the purpose of transacting the following business.

  1. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.
  2. To declare any personal interests or disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the agenda.
  3. To consider the application for Co-option as a Parish Councillor.
  4. To consider approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2020.
  5. COVID-19 Response

To review the project to ensure that residents and visitors have access to support and information.

  1. To consider any issues raised by members of the public.

Members of the public are invited to give their views, to question the Parish Council about issues on this Agenda, or to raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman.

  • Planting of crocus corms – To consider the offer from Rotary to plant in the autumn
  1. Community Reports
    • Devon County Council Councillor
    • South Hams District Council Councillor
  2. New planning/tree applications.
    • 1105/20/HHO Dartside Manor Street Dittisham TQ6 0EX. READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Householder application for construction of ancillary garden building (summerhouse) within rear curtilage.
    • 3075/20/PDM Barns at Capton Dittisham Dartmouth TQ6 0JE. Application to determine if prior approval is required for proposed change of use of agricultural building to 4no. dwellinghouses and associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)).
    • 3002/20/ARC Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5-10 & 13 of listed building consent 1462/19/LBC
    • 3001/20/ARC Downton Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JD. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 10-15 & 18 of planning consent 1461/19/FUL.
    • 2345/20/HHO Penveron The Level Dittisham TQ6 0ES. Householder application for roof terrace decking and balustrade works.
  3. Consultations
  • NALC White paper – Planning for the future. Closes 15 October 2020
  • NALC Transparency and competition (land control). Closes 16 October 2020
  • DCC 2021-2027 Updated Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Devon. Closes 15 October 2020
  • SHDC Licensing Act 2003 – Licensing Policy Consultation. Closes 16 October 2020
  • Department for Transport, Pavement parking: options for change, Closes 22 November 2020
  • 10 Reports from Councillors with Specific Responsibilities / External Forums
    • Habitat Review with Sustainable Dittisham – To consider the Report and its Proposals
    • Maintenance Working Group

To finalise the content of the proposed specifications for the new maintenance contract.

To receive an update on the birds nest swing.

  • Car Parks Working Group – To consider the Group’s recommendation re. Dittisham Sailing Club permits
  • Flooding & Drainage Task and Finish Group – To consider the Report and its Recommendations.
  • 11 Village Hall Management Committee Report

To receive and respond to the Report.

  • 12 Dog Fouling – To receive the Report. To consider approving installation & relocation of bins. To consider dog on lead posters.
  • 13 The Use of The Ham Policy –To approve an addition regarding access to properties.
  • 14 West Dart Bus – Ivybridge and District Community Transport Association

To consider proposing a replacement for the retiring Blackawton based trustee.

  • 15 Financial Matters
    • Consider approval of financial report and bank reconciliation.
    • Payments Made, Due and Received

To agree and make payments as required

  • SWW, Quay Standpipe, £40.09
  • Cllr Bond, Grass Seed , £9.99
    • To approve Clerk’s Expenses Reimbursement CE35
    • To approve VAT payment to HMRC £574.27
    • To approve one of cut of the Old Chapel Burial Ground £106.04 plus VAT
    • To approve Cllr Anderson’s expenses
    • To approve Chapter 8 training, Cllr Bond, £75+VAT
    • To consider approval of overlay stickers to correct Car Park & Ham Lane signs £20-£30
    • Capton Bus Shelter – To agree contractor to remove base and make good
  • 16 To note / consider correspondence
  • 19/9/20 Facebook message – lack of social distancing on pontoon and bottom Manor Street
  • 18/8/20 Village Website
  • 2/9/20 Tree down FP15, Dittisham Mill Creek – referred to DCC & DHNA
  • 28/8/20 Capton Mill Bridge, repair required – referred to DCC
  • 28/8/20 Resurfacing of Lower Street – passed on to DCC
  • 30/9/20, Abandoned caravan on Strete road, referred to DCC which is managing
  • 24/8/20 Dartmouth Town Council, Request for meeting and public space to extend community service
  • 1/10/20 Two phone calls members of the public, dead swan on Dittisham Mill Creek, referred & reported to SHDC.
  • 11/9/20 Access required to Blackberry Cottage for vehicle to flush drains, approved
  1. To confirm that the next meeting of Dittisham Parish Council will be held on 4 November 2020 at 7:00 pm


 The meeting will be held using Zoom videoconferencing.

 To join the meeting:

Paste this link in your browser  or  click this link LINK

Dial in by phone +44 203 481 5237

Meeting ID: 859 4763 7436.


  1. You do not need to subscribe to Zoom to join the meeting.
  2. You will be held in an online ‘waiting area’ until the meeting starts.
  3. Please, if you can, turn your video on – not only would it be lovely to see you, but it really helps you to feel engaged with the meeting.




Annette Thom, Parish Clerk